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5 USD / In stock.
Would you like a commission of your own original character or someone character? All artwork will be done in my cute kawaii style.

With every commission you will receive a free bookmark. 

Email me at with the following information:
*Info (Whatever you find useful for me to draw your picture properly) Try to be concise and clear. ^_^
* Age
* Gender
* Personality
* Example: I want my character to dress like Wilma Flintstone with a future city background. She has purple hair with blue eyes. Her personality is super happy. Her age is around 65.

If you can, send me a reference picture. Once I receive the payment I will start on your image.

Will Draw:
+ Original Character
+ Fan Character
+ Mermaid
+ Chibi
+ Animals
+ Weapons

Will not Draw:
- Pornography
- Monster
- Racism Theme
- Difficult background
- Mechas
- Kids

* Extra Character an extra $5
* Add background an $10