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Beach Girl Light Up Woman's Shoes

70 USD60 USD
This shoe was designed by CMJ. A cute image of Beach Girl.

• Material: Canvas upper and heelpiece, rubber outsole.

• Switch Instruction: Press hidden switch button to switch on. Each press to the button with each different light mode.
Press the button for 12 times to turn the light off, or keep pressing for 3 seconds to turn off the power.

• Charge Instruction: Charge like your cell phone with Micro USB charging cable. (USB charging cable is included in package).
Charging for 2 hours can provide 5 hours of lighting time.

• Light Model: Each light up shoe has 7 static colors and 5 color changing modes.
(Static colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Sky Blue, Purple, White).

• Note: Do not place shoes in water or it may damage the lighting system.